I teach very regularly and am CRLA certified level 2 as a consequence of the tutoring I do at the college level for Piano, Music Theory, Music Production, Math, and Physics

Private Lessons are done over Google Meets/Hangouts. 

In order for me to hear your computer and your voice, you will need some software. All of it is free. 

1. - This is an audio driver that can route audio virtually. We will use this to send your computer audio to the program so I can hear it. 


2. - This is Teamspeak. It is a platform that allows us to stream audio in real-time in stereo. Once you have the virtual audio cable installed you will go into TeamSpeak settings and set the capture setting to the virtual audio cable. Make sure your DAW has the virtual audio cable selected as well and you will be good to go! We will use google hangouts for your voice audio. 

Please ensure you have a reliable internet connection. If you would rather just type or have a phone call that's ok too! It's worked out great in the past for those who wanted this. 

Current Price: $40 for an Hour


Topic Suggestions:

  • General Sound and Acoustic Knowledge

  • Music Theory! 

  • Philosophies and Strategies

  • Sound Design of a Particular Type

  • Mixing

  • Working with Particular Synth

  • Creating A Certain Kind of Sound (ex: Plucks, Pads, etc)

  • Work Flow 

  • Question and Answer

  • Opening up One of My Projects and Diving into it.

  • Working on one of Your Projects

These are just a couple of the many possible topics. 

For questions and scheduling Please Email me at

Pay through Venmo:


PayPal also works but I prefer Venmo:

After payment has been confirmed then the lessons will happen. 

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