A great alternative to expensive sample productions, "Cellos" is a collections of samples recorded by Composing Gloves and played by Cellist Bradford Jackson. 



$5 or more if you wanna be awesome. =)


Format :

32 bit .wav files, Files are also acidized  meaning the file will automatically snap to the nearest time measurement in your daw  making time stretching no big deal! 



-Recorded at 128 bpm, this tempo is recommend for productions.


-87 Arp (repetitious phrases)


-57 Fins (Finale one shot notes, plucked and bowed)


-16 minor phrases


-59 general phrases


-7 extras (slaps and plucks)


-50 Machine Sounds


-9 Slides


Download Size Zip - 93.3 MB

Unzipped Size - 200 MB


All Samples Are Royalty Free.


I took the time to personally record and make each sample from the microphone to the post processing.



1. Download the .zip File


2. Unzip it.


3. Save the unzipped "Composing Gloves Cello" folder and all sub-folders to a location on your computers hard drive.


4.Open the location when you desire to use them!


Terms and Conditions -By obtaining this product you agree to these terms and conditions and certify that you have read them. You may use the sounds freely AND commercially in games, songs, and other projects of creative work, you may NOT resell the samples, distribute them freely without written consent, or make loops with the samples and sell them without written consent. 


Tips - 

Add Reverb - Vary it up on different lines. It will create a sense of space, as if each player where sitting in their own chair. 

EQ & Stereo Shape - This creates a much cleaner mix, and putting cellos in different stereo positions can add effects both natural and unnatural allowing for a range of styles. This can also greatly contribute to the sense of space. 

Use Sample Playback engines - If you own Kontakt then use it! Its an awesome playback tool that will easily let you create great instruments very quickly. If not then become familiar with sample tuning and playback techniques for your particular DAW, they will give you the freedom to create the sound you want. 


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