Setting up a Bedroom/Project Studio
   So you’ve decided you want to do more of this stuff we call “music” or maybe just plain audio related stuff. You at least want to be able to record your friends or make music yourself, but you’re not quite sure (microphone pun) where to start. There are so many options out there and investing in the wrong thing can be costly. Making investments in the correct things in the correct order can be very important! It will make growth and life easier, not to mention give your wallet a break. So let’s look at the essentials to getting started in building your own studio!​​​
Must Know Music Theory
     Music theory is a must know for composition. Even you if you plan on making beats and keeping it simple music theory will be a weapon that you will call on throughout your years in music. Knowing enough music theory will make the difference in looking and sounding competent in job interviews and will also help your work flow increase in speed instead of seeking that wrong note that evades your mouse but persecutes your ears.